Sesame oil substitutes
(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

7 Perfect Sesame Oil Substitutes in 2019

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is definitely not an impartial oil. Its smell doesn’t synchronize well with different fixings in numerous dishes. It can change the taste gravely.

Sesame oil is obtained from the seeds of Sesamum indicum DC. It belongs to the family Pedaliaceae and can be used in cooking. Furthermore as a segment in the corrective business. Perfect for medication making.

Sesame oil is very famous all over the world. It is produced in different areas, including the Mediterranean locales, Asia. Sesame oil is now spread over the world.

In spite of the fact that it is assumed sesame seeds may be absolutely rare. The likelihood of its lessening numbers cannot end completely. In this light, it ends up important to discover its choices. Aside from this, there likewise exist different elements like the hypersensitivity that it causes in a few people. Also, its calories being on the higher side of the chart.

7 Perfect Sesame Oil Substitutes in 2019

1. Peanut Oil

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is the substitute for sesame oil. It comes with numerous benefits. Peanut oil is great for people with cholesterol and heart issues. Peanut oil is great for cancer prevention as well. It lowers the blood pressure and also great for use on the skin.

2. Perilla Oil

Perilla Oil

Perilla oil is famous among Koreans. They use this oil frequently in cooking. The unique point of Perilla oil is its smell. The smell and taste are similar to sesame oil, thus making it a great substitute. In fact, Perilla oil is used in Chinese dishes.

This oil is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. Perilla Oil is known to ward off the symptoms of breast cancer, asthma, obesity and also blood clotting.

It improves memory and great cure mental disorders. However, it is not a good option for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

3. Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil

Walnuts are famous from the times of Greek and Persians. Later, it passed onto Europe and the world at large. However, it became very famous in Mediterranean countries. Walnut oil is also considered as “holy” in some parts of the world. This nutty oil is the next best substitute you would use as sesame seed oil with.

4. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is recommended by so many doctors due to its numerous benefits. The roots of olive oil can be found in Mediterranean areas, dating back to thousands of years ago. Olive is another great option to go for substitute of sesame oil. Olive oil can be used for cooking purposes, frying items (not deep fry) etc. and also give strength to hair. It can also be used for skin.

The olive oil is obtained in many varieties that may range from virgin to extra virgin level. Olive oil is said to be one of the safest to use and it is better to for extra-virgin version of it. This oil is great for dressing the salad or use it in meals where it can be drizzled over instead of sesame oil. However, make sure to never use it for roasting or deep frying purposes.

5. Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

Above we mentioned the benefits of olive oil but sadly had to warn for your own sake not to use olive oil for deep frying. Well, don’t worry! If you want sesame oil substitute that can also be used for deep frying purposes other than cooking then go for Avocado oil. Avocado oil can easily be used on high temperatures. It does not have any harmful effects. Avocado oil is very similar to olive oil. Hence it can be used as a substitute for both sesame and also olive if needed in daily cooking.

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6. Canola Oil

Canola Oil

Canola Oil is a plant-based oil that is an easy substitute for sesame oil. It is ideal for deep frying or heavy frying. The oil is rich in unsaturated fats hence making it a good for health. Canola oil is basically a modified version of rapeseed oil. It was introduced to replace the rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil is not good for human consumption.

Canola Oil comes at a very economical price and can be used for various purposes. But be careful it is highly reactive with heat and may cause heart-related issues and even obesity. Hence, it is advised to keep the consumption moderate.

7. Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed Oil

Another good substitute for sesame oil is the grapeseed oil. I will not call it the most appropriate one but yes due to similar flavor to sesame oil, it does fall in the substitute category. Grape seed oil comes with a long list of health benefits. This oil is great for people with diabetes and heart problems. Grape seed oil said to reduce pain and also keeps you younger.

Grape-seed oil is to be taken in moderate amount. The oil is very rich in omega-6 fatty acids and hence is better to take it with gaps, not regularly.

Sesame Oil Substitutes For Vegetable Oil:

Many wonder about whether to go for sesame oil in place of vegetable oil. So before doing so know that:

  • Sesame oil tends to have a stronger taste and this is one of the major reason why it is loved by Asians.
  • Sesame Oil is used at the end of cooking right before serving due to low smoke point

The case of vegetable oil is different. The vegetable is a combination of different oils with a moderate level of taste/flavor and high smoke point. You can use it for baking, stir-fries, and salad dressings. It is great to use in places where you want moisture oil with the absence of strong taste. Vegetable oil is more economical and less expensive than sesame oil.

Substitute for sesame oil in fried rice:

In fried rice, the substitute for sesame oil can be a vegetable oil, canola, and even olive oil. Olive oil and sesame almost taste same and are rich in unsaturated fats. Do not forget that sesame oil is low smoking flame and comparatively has a strong taste. This is one of the major reasons why it is loved by Asians more.

Toasted Sesame Oil Substitute:

Toasted sesame oil

Toasted sesame oil is a typical fixing in Asian and Indian food. The crushing procedure separates oil from toasted sesame seeds through. Notwithstanding its flexibility in cooking, sesame oil serves as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also has pain-relieving benefits. as well as cancer prevention agent.

Nut oils such as peanut oil, walnut oil are great alternatives for toasted sesame oil. The toasted sesame oil is strong in taste hence it is not that much suitable for some dishes. In case you don’t have nut oils, there is another option of light sesame oil. The light sesame oil has a nutty flavor and works fine in place of toasted sesame oil.


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