Easy And Best Rosemary Substitutes You Must Try Now!
(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

Easy And Best Rosemary Substitutes You Must Try Now!

What is Rosemary?

Ever tried fresh rosemary or any rosemary substitute in your daily meal? The fragrance that this herb includes in your meal is always a plus point. To begin with rosemary belongs to mint family Lamiaceae with basil, lavender, and oregano as other family members. Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean and is also used by perfume companies in their products. Other than multiple uses, rosemary comes with some useful health benefits. It is iron-rich, has calcium and also vitamin B-6.

So one can enjoy the benefits and taste both by having this herb with their lamb and chicken! Totally up to you. Do you know in ancient times, when health benefits of rosemary were discovered, medical specialist started using it in helping relieving muscle pain, boost the immune system, improvise memory, have right functioning of the circulatory system and also work as good news for people with hair fall. The same benefits are with rosemary substitutes too. In brief rosemary substitute gives a mouth-watering aroma and works like a savior.

What is rosemary substitute?

Rosemary substitutes are easily available in the market. The Rosemary substitutes are discussed below. These rosemary substitutes, when combined with another seasoning, give a definite taste and aroma. It adds the flavor in your dish and solves the problem where your meal is asking you to have rosemary and you do not have it in your shelves in the kitchen.

#SubstituteTotal CaloriesFat Percentage
1. Thyme 2.8/ 1Tbsp23%
2. Tarragon1.5/ 1Tbsp21%
3. Savory11.6/ 1Tbsp18%
4. Marjoram4.1/ 1Tbsp22%

Mentioned below are some interesting facts of rosemary:

  • Rosemary lasts longer than other plants. Can live for 2 years or more.
  • Leaves can be used for cooking purposes.
  • Other health benefits include digestion, brain aging, concentration.
  • Need to be taken in balanced quantity as an overdose may result in vomiting, pulmonary edema or worse coma.

Why rosemary substitute?

Trying a new dish today and all of your favorites starts adding rosemary? For obvious reasons like numerous benefits along with A+ taste. Now the problem is rosemary is not available at home. Is there any rosemary substitute? A substitute that would not mess with the taste and quality and keep the aroma spread in the home too?

Well, the answer is yes. Rosemary does have substitutes that can help in cases where rosemary is not available and there is no other immediate option to choose. Though the substitutes cannot match with the tasty flavor that rosemary gives however it can be a savior when your guests are arriving in few hours and there is no time shopping.

Why rosemary substitute?

Here we are going to discuss various situations where one needs rosemary to use in dishes and the rosemary substitutes that may be used in your meals.

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Dried Rosemary substitute for fresh rosemary:

Firstly, let me tell you in situations when getting fresh rosemary to be difficult for you, you can always use dried rosemary too. Every herb may differ and the dried herbs may not work as a substitute in your food but dried rosemary serves as an exception and best substitution. Besides, dried rosemary substitute can last equally longer than fresh rosemary with the same perfect taste and lovely smell.

One can use the same dried rosemary for hair growth and other medical purposes and if you want to use in your dinners then yeah rosemary with lemon-chicken is the perfect combination.

Some other rosemary substitutes:

What if we do not have both fresh and dried rosemary then what? Well, you must be having basil or oregano. Oregano and basil fall under dried rosemary substitute. Just add basil or oregano in the same amount dried rosemary is asked in.

Thyme, tarragon, savory are good rosemary substitutes. In fact, if you have all these herbs and your dish lacks other required seasonings then go for these herbs. No need to worry about the measuring as well just go for the same amount as asked for rosemary that your cooking is demanding.

It depends what you are cooking, so if you desire to consider having a rosemary substitute that will specifically work for the primary ingredient or ingredients your meal contains.

Dishes that hold many strong seasonings or sausage dishes, you may use caraway seed to introduce the flavor you want without disrupting with other seasonings.

For meat and egg dishes we have sage as a great substitute. Know that the taste shall differ from that of fresh/dried rosemary but sage can complement the food that requires for rosemary.

If you are cooking mushrooms with rosemary then go for marjoram. Marjoram serves as the substitute for rosemary in dishes with mushroom. Besides that Marjoram gives out mouth-watering dish when combined with mushrooms. A delicious seasoning comes into being with such combinations.

Having a special dinner tonight? Planning to have some scrumptious lamb dish then go for thyme. Moreover, thyme is a perfect substitute for rosemary. You can have Bay leaf and peppermint in place of rosemary.

Health Benefits of Rosemary:

Rosemary comes with numerous health benefits. Mentioned below are some health benefits of rosemary.

  • Rosemary helps in boosting the immune system and improving blood circulation as it is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. According to scientific researches, the lab tests have proved that a good amount of antioxidants help in neutralizing particles that may be harmful.
  • European use rosemary for indigestion.
  • Rosemary helps in improving the memory of its user. It is based on the research done by Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology. The aroma of rosemary helps in improving an individual’s speed, performance, concentration etc. Rosemary works like a best friend and balances the mood of the user.
  • Rosemary works like a wonder for people with neurological issues. It has carnosic acid that helps in fighting with the harmful substances in the brain. According to studies, rosemary helps people having the stroke at a great deal. It helps in recovering mental damages.
  • Rosemary does wonder for people with hair fall issue. According to the medical specialist, one can apply the product on the scalp. By the way, rosemary does not give irritation to skin and so a good source of medicine for hair fall, rosemary.


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